Ship Despacito

The ship “DESPASITO” is one of the most unusual in Kiev and always makes an irresistible impression on passengers. The vessel is beautiful and compact, fully equipped for a comfortable rest on the water. Such a vacation is significantly different from other types of relaxation.
Boat rental is suitable for entertainment, ranging from a walk along the Dnieper and ending with a family celebration. Cafes, holidays at home and even your favorite cottage are inferior walks along the river.
Renting ships in Kiev causes completely new and unusual emotions, since you spend the event on the water, and the service is like in a cafe. This trip is very popular with both children and adults. But it is best to go for a walk with the whole family. Do not be afraid of bad weather. On the ship enough comfortable places where you hide from the weather.
At "Despacito" you can plan a regular walk or a tour along the river or even a banquet. Guests can use a set of portable furniture for a picnic, a brazier, a cauldron for fish soup, and accessories for fishing. There is the possibility of using your own food and drinks on board. We recommend that the customer invite a catering service, by which forces a banquet or buffet will be prepared on the vessel. Soup and barbecue will be prepared on the river bank.
“DESPASITO” is a small pleasure boat, which is suitable for the rest of a friendly company of up to 15 people or a romantic trip for lovers in picturesque places. For passengers, there is an open upper deck, a lounge with panoramic windows, a small galley with an electric stove and a refrigerator, a bathroom and a shower.
The captain will prepare for you an individual route of the river walk. The minimum rental duration is three hours, but can be rented for a longer time.
We guarantee that all guests will have unforgettable impressions.
We have pointed out all the advantages of meeting friends on board, but we can only be convinced of the above personally, having experienced positive emotions from such a pastime.
Order from the company "Teplohodik" rent a ship without intermediaries directly from the owner.
Ship Despacito photo
  • Ship rent price
    • On weekdays
    • Price per hour: 1300 uah
    • On Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    • Price per hour: 1300 uah
  • Purpose
  • Pleasure cruises
  • Transfers to the parking lot and green island
  • Activity
  • Birthday
  • The minimum length of the lease
  • On weekdays: 2 h
  • On Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 3 h
  • Technical characteristics
  • Length: 13 m
  • Width: 3.6 m
  • Sinking: 0.3 m
  • Speed: 13 km / h
  • Facilities
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • The distribution of passengers
  • The total passenger capacity: 15 guests
  • 6 passenger capacity of beds
  • Catering service
  • 12 banquet seats
  • 15 stand-up seats
  • The equipment in the cook room
  • Grill and rotisserie
  • Additional services
  • Organization of the green parking
  • Able to apply to any vessel berth
  • Land on any green park along the route

Rent of the ship Despacito in Kiev from the ship-owner without commission and intermediaries

We work seven days a week


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