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Rent a yacht in Kiev

Have you ever ridden a yacht? No? Then you urgently need to go on a trip! A high-speed walk is an unforgettable experience from the feeling of freedom and ease!

Walking along the Dnieper on a yacht is very popular among lovers of water voyages. But not everyone will take the risk of becoming the owner of such a vessel, and not everyone has such a large amount of money to buy. But you can use the rental service, which will allow you to enjoy the trip at a very affordable price.

The company "Teplohodik" is renting a yacht for good and convenient conditions for you.

Nobody has invented anything better than a yacht on which you can quickly race along the river, along the green shores and slopes of the eternally young Kiev. You can go on a weekend to the picturesque islands of the Dnieper, closer to nature and away from civilization.

The company "Teplohodik" offers to rent a yacht in Kiev for a pleasure trip on the river. Only we have the fastest and most comfortable vessels, whose permanent routes are laid along the Dnieper along Kiev, down to city Ukrainka, along the Desna and even to the Sea of Kiev.

Yacht - what is this ship? Motor, sailing or sailing-motor? We are talking a yacht, but we mean a boat and vice versa. And what is the difference between these swimming boats?

The word "yacht" comes from the Dutch word "jagen" and means a fast ship, the purpose of which is transportation of several people. Today, in our understanding - this is any vessel for tourist and sporting purposes. On the expanses of rivers, seas and oceans, motor, sailing and sailing-motor yachts now run.

Sailing yacht - this is a special boat, which consists of a hull and sailing rigs. To move along the river, he needs a fair wind and a sensible helmsman. Sailboat, of course, can not compete in speed with a motor yacht, and is in the power of the direction of the wind. They do not stand any comparison with the "motor" in the speed of movement and are dependent on the tailwind. The lease of these vessels is much cheaper than their counterparts, however they are quite popular in Kiev and Ukraine.

Sailboats use the power of the wind, the heat of the sun and the waves. This is a boat with a motor, but uses it only for maneuvers to enter the ports, and when mooring and sluicing.

Sailboats are cruising and racing. Cruising sailboats have a set of amenities and are designed for long-term autonomy of navigation. This allows them to be removed for long distances from the shelter bases.

Racing sailboats are used for traveling in the coastal zone. They with enviable constancy participate in sailing regattas in Kiev and other cities on the Dnieper. They do not have normal household amenities, and there is not enough safety margin, but they are light and fast.

Sailboats come in various sizes from small to four people to large ships, which can accommodate up to fifteen passengers. During the lease, if desired, you will be shown how to handle the ship. You will learn new terminology and some concepts that are accepted among yachtsmen, which will be the stimulus in turn to a new hobby!

If you are interested in the yacht rental service in Kiev, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. The size of the vessel.
  2. Area of navigation.
  3. Purpose - race or travel
  4. Underwater hull design.

Yacht is chosen according to the following parameters:

  1. View of the yacht - sail or motor.
  2. Comfort class (VIP, economy).
  3. Passenger capacity.
  4. Date of the walk.

Lovers of river walks prefer sailing-motor yachts, when the work of the sail and the power plant are combined. Of course, the sails are the main ones in this tandem. The engine is on the sidelines, but it is necessary when the reservoir is completely calm.

Motor yachts are the overcoming of the water element with the help of modern technologies, while sailing - overcome the elements at the expense of their own forces, using natural phenomena wind and wave.

Motor yachts are equipped with one or two internal combustion engines. They are distinguished by increased comfort, they develop a great speed, in comparison with sailing ships. Motor yachts are built in various sizes, reach a length of several tens of meters. For the owner and his guests on board are equipped with cabins, salons with air conditioning system. On board there are various life support systems: drinking water supply, sewage, oily water. The fuel consumption is big enough.

Lovers of relaxation on the water are preferred only by motor yachts, which have significant advantages:

Speed is the main advantage of the engine line. They travel long distances pretty quickly. This is a successful combination of speed and extreme.

Comfort. The level of comfort is quite high. It can be compared to a modern cruise ship, which is also equipped with modern technology. To rest was carefree, and the service on the vessel corresponded to a certain level, we recommend hiring service personnel.

Capacity. There is enough space on board to accommodate guests. There is enough space for the tenant, including a spacious owner's cabin. Passenger cabins with bath or shower rooms, spacious salon, restaurant hall, which allow the customer and his guests to feel at home. The deck on the vessel is usually large in size and ideal for sunbathing.

Design. Motor yachts are built of very high-quality materials. These materials guarantee reliability, safety and create a comfortable, high-quality design. Many ships are built on an individual project.

For the owner or the tenant, the ship becomes a full-fledged house, due to which it moves along the water to any place of interest to it.

Vessels are classified by the length of the hull. They are less than ten meters designed for short trips to close distances. They have a small cabin on board, and amenities are limited.

Vessels with a length of ten to eighteen meters are the most popular and most in demand. They go on long-distance flights and even go to sea. The level of comfort they have is sufficient for long flights.

Vessels built up to twenty-four meters in size have a sufficient level of comfort. To operate them, you need a crew, because there are life support systems and additional equipment on board.

Vessels longer than twenty-four meters are VIP class. Accommodation is very comfortable, as in five-star hotels. Owners place on board saunas and swimming pools, mini golf courses and helipads. The crew can be from twenty or more people.

According to the design of the hull, the yachts are divided into single-hull (traditional), catamarans (double-hull), trimarans (three-hull). A catamaran is a very comfortable yacht, you can say a house on the water, where there is a galley, a latrine, a refrigerator, comfortable cabins. Here everything has to rest with family and friends. After all, on the catamaran due to the two corps space is much larger.

Catamarans are very stable and not subject to strong wind and waves. They are moving smoothly along the river surface. Vessels have a small draft, which allows customers to visit places where other boats will never pass. Their equipment significantly increases the autonomy of the voyage, and they can make long voyages. The disadvantage of catamarans - in bad weather is complicated control.

Rent a yacht in Kiev is a popular entertainment for Kyivans and metropolitan guests. Activities in coastal restaurants have become commonplace and do not represent any interest.

It is not necessary to have a lot of money to rent a yacht in Kiev. Rest on the vessels today is affordable, and organize the event and determine its format will help the company "Teplohodik".

"Teplohodik" is an association of shipowners who have a variety of yachts and boats on their balance for rest on the Dnieper.

The yacht is different from the boat in that its class level is higher, and the dimensions are larger and therefore its rental price can be much higher.

We have a wide range of vessels of different classes and categories, which differ in size, capacity of passengers, and most importantly style. We have a variety of vessels! They are built with comfortable passenger cabins, cabins with all amenities, open spacious decks for music parties and other events.

Rent a yacht in Kiev from our company?

The company offers to rent a comfortable motor yacht or a real sailing. Choose a vessels without seeing it very difficult. On our website we show basic information and photos to show them from all sides. Here you can quickly get acquainted with the presented vessels, choose a suitable vessel, as well as determine the additional services that are sometimes so necessary for the customer.

It is necessary to learn about the developed routes within Kiev and the Kiev region. Our managers will help the customer to make a route on their own or offer the most popular ones.

- 4-hour walk along the Dnieper. You enjoy and admire the sights of the capital, without breaking away from the solemn event;

- 6-hour walk is an admiration for stunning scenery and nature with a visit to the island. You will plunge into the world of joy, harmony and relaxation, while relaxing on the deck or on the shore.

Whichever walk you take, you will be provided with a convenient boat and, worthy of service.

You can:

  1. Get directions that interest you.
  2. Determine the parking lot and its duration.
  3. Organize a picnic on the island or a party on the ship.
  4. Arrange fishing.
  5. Take a boat ride, scooter.
  6. At delicious food and enjoy a variety of drinks.

In order to make a voyage on a yacht, it is not necessary to have your own water transport. We provide at your disposal vessels, staffed by professional crew members. With our help, the customer determines the route, and the duration of the flight, rental cost and rental terms is discussed with our manager. Travel costs must be paid before the flight begins.

A walk on the river will interest not only Kiev residents, but also numerous guests of the capital. During the business negotiations, the vessel provides the confidentiality of the meeting, creates a decent image of the manager and increases the status of the company. This is a great opportunity to organize an excellent gift for yourself and friends. The vessel is worthy of competition from any restaurant and allows you to celebrate your birthday or anniversary at the appropriate level.

To rent a boat for a wedding is very stylish and non-standard. Such a wedding is attractive because you avoid the event with a lot of guests. The ship often passes only part of the event, including a photo shoot, and the main celebration takes place in a restaurant on the shore. help you get great pictures of events, celebrations. When we need a great shot, we agree on everything. And the ship is a real helper in this.

For what purposes do we hire a vessel?

  1. Cognitive tour of the Dnieper.
  2. Celebrating the anniversary or wedding.
  3. Travel to Mezhyhiria or to the Sea of Kiev.
  4. Business meeting.
  5. Ransfer to the Great Island.
  6. Night walk "Panorama of Kiev".
  7. Location for a photo session

Renting a yacht for a day is a great idea for a romantic date, a solemn event or just a walk along the Dnieper. The choice of the vessel is always yours, we will try to fulfill all wishes and ideas of the customer about the future of the event.

The meeting of the lovers on the vessel will be remembered for a long time and can become the beginning of serious relations in the future. Excellent service on the ship will complement the successful trip. Restaurant table setting on the open deck, glasses with champagne, fruit and impeccable service will please you and your soul mate. The event can be organized in the form of a banquet or a buffet table.

We will decorate the vessel with flowers and balls at will. With our help, you will avoid the hassle of arranging such a romantic walk and save time.

Having ordered a service, a vessel is rented in Kiev, you are immersed in a world of harmony and peace. This will allow you to distract from the city's bustle, replenish the reserves of vital energy. Walking will distract from production problems, and also carefreely spend the weekend with your friends and relatives. This is really a great holiday, which our company organizes at the highest level.

You can no longer go to rest on the Caribbean islands or in Thailand.

We have vessels of different capacity of passengers, class and categories, on which we will help to realize any fantasies and ideas. On board yachts are comfortable and have all the conditions for a good rest: lounges, cabins, toilets, refrigerator. But this kind of life inspires not everyone. It can be very pleasant and relaxing, but to achieve this you will have to work on this topic.

Rent a yacht - very interested in Kiev and guests of the capital and one of the most popular services that offers "Teplohodik" in Kiev. We ship owners pay much attention to the technical condition of our water transport. We carefully selected the crew, which consists of real professionals. They provide safety on the yacht. Our managers organize a trip for the client at the proper level. Everything will depend on the wishes of the customer: an excursion, a night walk, a corporate or entertainment event. If you wish, we will teach you to manage a small vessel, because this is a very exciting process.

The company offers yachts, the rental price of which corresponds to the quality of the selected vessel. You can order additional services for organizing a banquet with the invitation of musicians and artists. For the company, priority is to provide quality rest to the customer and his guests.

If the client does not have time to prepare the event, our company provides services for catering, vessel registration, service, photography.

Our managers will help to make a choice:

  1. Rest, on what yacht you need.
  2. Number of guests on board
  3. The budget of the event.
  4. Banquet or buffet menu.

We will cope with all your tasks. You will need to choose a vessel, conclude a contract and make a preliminary payment for the lease. All other ideas for the trip will be coordinated in the course of preparation.

The uniqueness of the offer of our company for hire allows:

  1. Determine the individual walking route.
  2. Find a vessel for a large company.
  3. To ensure the isolation of the event from uninvited guests.
  4. Moor at any time at the request of the customer.
  5. Use as a location for a photo shoot.
  6. Organize a banquet or a buffet table.

A water walk is the most romantic and unforgettable type of recreation, and it does not depend on whether you are traveling on a sailboat or on a comfortable VIP yacht. Rent a yacht in Kiev gives you the opportunity to enjoy a river holiday in the company of your best friends. It's real to make a voyage, even if not very far, but in the circle of good acquaintances whose presence will bring you joy. You can arrange a cheerful corporate for employees, and you can also have a themed party with pirates and robinsons. All this becomes available if you order a yacht rental.

Rent a yacht in Kiev - this is a full rest, an excuse to relax, restore strength and fully rest. It is very expensive to have your own ship and keep it. It is easier to use the rental service and deprive yourself of the problems associated with its maintenance and its parking.

We have the biggest choice of yachts. We have an extensive range of vessel from inexpensive and cozy to expensive VIP-class. The rental conditions for these vessels differ significantly in terms of cost and comfort.

The company "Teplohodik" offers quite reasonable prices for the service for renting vessel, as well as for a unique photo shoot, a romantic date, a birthday, a corporate and meeting old friends. Spend your leisure on a high-speed motor yacht! The vessel is a place for different entertainments and at affordable prices! Do not give up the dream of walking around the Dnieper at night with your loved one. Make your dream a reality! We will be very pleased to offer you services for organizing a walk in Kiev.

The cost of the walk will depend on the time of the year and the duration of the trip. With a long trip, we have a discount.

Today in Kiev rent a motor yacht or sailing is quite simple. To choose a vessel use the website "Teplohodik", where all our water transport, its cost and terms of hire are listed in detail. You just need to call and rent a boat. On the site there is a button for ordering a callback. You indicate your data and conditions there, and we will contact you and clarify your wishes and requirements.

We will help to choose a boat and learn all the nuances about the walk. Our work is to ensure that our guests have a full rest and nothing to worry about. Hurry for unforgettable sensations and pleasant emotions! The rental price and actual photos on the site.

You have the opportunity to take a yacht for a long-term lease or for a small limited period. Do not forget - your activities depend on the vessel chosen for walking, its comfort and service on it. Conditions of stay on a small vessel significantly differ in comfort and level of service from conditions on VIP-yachts. VIP-yacht is very suitable for corporate holidays, anniversaries or weddings.

Kiev yachts are high-speed and modern vessels, which are primarily intended for recreation and tourism. Renting a yacht will allow you to go to great speed on the water surface, see the amazing sunsets and sunrises, and also to feel the romance of river travel.

And all this will happen on the vessel with excellent comfort and service. For you, there are all conditions to:

  1. Enjoy a night or evening walk to light music and a glass of champagne.
  2. To arrange a cheerful youth party with cocktails.
  3. Admire the side of the vessel with fireworks or fireworks, if the rental time coincides state holidays.
  4. To spend an unforgettable honeymoon.
  5. Organize a corporate event.

You can make an indelible impression on the right people by renting a vessel, where there are excellent conditions for business negotiations.

Do you have a desire to go on a yacht? Call us! Our company will organize walks on the water from 2012. We really help you rent a yacht in Kiev according to your wishes. The duration of travel on the river you determine yourself. You can rent a yacht for any time. It can be several hours, a day and any other time.

You can schedule a walk on a yacht for any month of navigation. At the end of the graduation evenings (spring-summer), the popularity of this service is higher, so booking an event is necessary in advance. You will get enormous pleasure from traveling along the river: the nightlife of the Lavra and bridges, the city's calm daylight, the mighty Dnipro - such impressions will be filled for a long time.

Order the service of renting a yacht in the company "Teplohodik", and we will provide you a beautiful vacation.

We are waiting for you on board!


We work seven days a week


Motor yacht ARGO-DIVE


  • up to 15 person
  • 3700 uah / hour
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Motor yacht JEANNEAU 625


  • up to 5 person
  • 1600 uah / hour
more details


  • up to 5 person
  • 3000 uah / hour
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Motor yacht ROMANTIK


  • up to 30 person
  • 9000 uah / hour
more details
Motor yacht EDEM


  • up to 30 person
  • 5500 uah / hour
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  • up to 100 person
  • 10800 uah / hour
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  • up to 80 person
  • 5500 uah / hour
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Motor yacht SILVER WAVE


  • up to 300 person
  • 11500 uah / hour
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