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Rent a motor boat in Kiev is a service offered by our company "Teplohodik" from 2012. The company at affordable prices gives its customers a quality holiday and a holiday on the water, pleasant memories of which will remain forever in the hearts of the guests. Boat rental allows you to drive along the river cheerfully and comfortably, admiring the capital's sights.

You can not even imagine what a beautiful Kiev and what an absolutely stunning view opens from the motorboat!

The company "Teplohodik" is the leader among shipowners in Kiev

  1. We have the most real prices, since we represent the owner.
  2. Our main berths are located on Podil and in Hydropark.
  3. Our captains are highly qualified.
  4. We will choose the most suitable boat for your walk.
  5. We will help organize a banquet and provide additional services.

  1. We are organizing a holiday on the water from 2012.
  2. Help the customer to choose a vessel for the event.
  3. Excellent showed and proven themselves in the work.
  4. Apply interesting routes.
  5. Consider all the wishes of the client and provide a real rest on the water.

A motor boat trip along the Dnieper is sure to please everyone. After all, such a holiday is very unusual and even extreme. There are no indifferent people to him!

You independently determine the scheme of your route and this is a distinctive feature of a voyage through the water. On the river there is an opportunity to moor to the shore along the way and impromptu to arrange a small picnic. The motorboat always has a themed party. Games in formidable and powerful pirates or robinsons on an uninhabited island will bring you back to an unforgettable childhood.

And it's even more interesting to spend time without limiting yourself to certain topics, but simply enjoying nature.

Such a trip will distract from the city's bustle and allow you to feel like a child and return directly to your childhood. It is impossible to forget such a trip, and the impressions will be remembered for a long time. Your friends will long admire the walk and remember with gratitude the event.

Travel by boat will give:

  1. Thanks to your loved ones for a romantic date on the boat.
  2. Wisdom and lifting of mood after a stay in the fresh air.
  3. Delight of guests invited to board a motorboat for a solemn event (wedding, birthday).
  4. Support for colleagues for whom you organized the corporate on the boat.
  5. The sincere attitude of partners, clients and employees invited to the presentation or seminar.

Travel by motor boat and this is not only the noise of the motor and the splash of the river waves, but an amazing adventure from which is breathtaking. From a walk to the green parking lot or fishing, not only children but adults will be delighted. On the boat it is possible to relax with the whole family on the Dnieper or with friends to go fishing.

We will take you to the Velykiy Island, where we will help organize a picnic on the beach. The island is a great place to celebrate a family holiday or a meeting of friends!

What could be better? The whole day to spend in the open air, having rested the city vanity. You can sunbathe, swim, catch fish, cook a delicious ear.

In the evening in the summer in the capital is very stuffy, but the pond is cool and always quiet. Here, the weekend is always successful, because no one else is distracting. And what exquisite photos you get on the boat and against the background of untouched nature.

  1. Excursion on the river (it is possible with a guide).
  2. A night walk "Panorama of Kiev".
  3. Location for a photo shoot.
  4. Transfer to the restaurant.
  5. The site for viewing the salute.
  6. Quest.
  7. The conduct of a bachelorette party, birthday.
  8. Romantic rendezvous

Rent a motor boat - it's an organization of useful exciting leisure and a vacation option in the most picturesque places. On the Dnieper in the Kiev region, there are many truly unique places: green river islands, and especially Veliky and Olguin. River trips are of interest to Kyivans and visitors of the city. You will get a sense of delight and joy, being only a few kilometers from Kiev. Guests of the capital really like walks in the evening and a panorama of the night Kyiv. There are many interesting places in the city, which you can really admire only from the motorboat. For you, the capital from the side of the boat will look completely new. Excursions will make a real holiday.

We have very attractive prices for rent. On the boat you can organize interesting excursions "Panorama of Kiev", Mezhyhiria and the Sea of Kiev.

To rent a motor boat is an excellent opportunity to organize a fabulous holiday and organize a walk for close friends. At the request of the customers, the company "Teplohodik" will help to organize:

  1. A banquet or a buffet table.
  2. To decorate the vessel with flowers or inflatable balls.
  3. Invite a DJ or musicians.

We propose to use the boat as a convenient transportation - transfer to popular places - restaurants that are located along the river.

Rent a motor boat for a day is a good occasion for lovers, filled with romance with adventures, which you will spend in the air by the river and on the best green places of the city! On the boat you can try your hand at steering the vessel, conduct a successful photo session on board and in nature. The vessel has a small draft, it is convenient for it to pass and moor in places where the ship will never be allowed to enter its dimensions.

All motorboats from our company "Teplohodik" are in a good technical condition, and you may be sure in the boatmaster captain, in the service personnel. Without a serviceable motorboat and quality service, there is neither a successful romantic date, nor a merry walk. The fate of the trip directly depends on the professional qualities of these people.

Your dream is to spend several hours in a good company, and not be distracted by extraneous concerns.

A boat trip is a wonderful scenario for a unique date. You yourself determine the scenario of a romantic date.

We only voice the most interesting proposals - a banquet for two by candlelight, a photo session, a night voyage along the Dnieper. The tour route has long been worked out and laid along the sights of Podol, past the monument of Magdeburg Law, the Lavra, Motherland.

If you want to go on an individual route, then it can be discussed in advance and easily implemented. If desired, you will have the opportunity to independently operate the vessel.

Vivid impressions, a romantic meeting, a walk along the Dnieper will bring you closer. Unforgettable emotions from dating, pleasure from a trip, quiet music and relaxation - it's all waiting for you on the boat.

You will relax, feeling an atmosphere of comfort and peace, in the bosom of untouched nature.

Rent a motor boat in a non-standard atmosphere to celebrate the anniversary of the solemn event, offer the hand and heart of the beloved, as well as organize a cute banquet for two.

A happy couple does not need an excursion "Panorama of Kiev" with a guide - they want to stay only together, without any escort, and pass the river to the mouth of the Desna, or to go down along the Dnieper to Trypillia creeks. For travel we have developed several interesting routes and created individual fascinating programs. This service is a success among the people of Kiev, as it is an excellent alternative to an ordinary trip to nature. The capacity of the boat is limited in the number of friends invited to the event, and on the other hand there will be no casual acquaintance on the motorboat.

Motor boat rental in Kiev is affordable and inexpensive, and also unforgettable. An important factor if you want to make a walk is the price. The prices of rolled products are influenced by many factors: the project of the chosen vessel, the capacity of passengers, the duration of the voyage.

You determine how much time you need for a romantic date or a celebration. The minimum duration of the lease starts from one hour, and there is no upper limit.

It is difficult to plan in advance the duration of the event. But you can always increase the duration of the flight already on board. The company "Teplohodik" provides discounts for rent for several hours or more.

The company offers prices that will really suit everyone. On weekends motorboats are in great demand. Our fleet consists of modern high-speed vessels and this is an amazing opportunity to make an unforgettable trip, enjoying the speed. This is really an interesting leisure and recreation among the magical landscapes, as well as many positive impressions.

Rent a motor boat for the following reasons: graduation, a meeting of classmates or old friends, an anniversary or any other event. On a motorboat while walking with friends or relatives you will experience vivid impressions. A short trip or an hour's walk will open in front of you unique Dnieper beaches. You can swim in the clearest water and catch a huge fish. Right on the shore you will have the opportunity to cook a delicious ear in a cauldron and fry an excellent shish kebab. As soon as the motorboat departs from the shore, funny adventures begin immediately and you understand that this is the voyage you dreamed of.

On the river there is no city vanity, current problems remain overboard, and there is only speed and wind in the face. Rolling on a motorboat in the center of the capital (in the heart), you observe the city life, admiring bridges, oncoming ships. All this beauty can be seen only from the side of the water. But if such beauty is not enough for you, and there is a desire to enjoy nature, then you can head for the nearby towns such as Ukrainka or Vyshgorod.

If you want to ride the waves of the Sea of Kiev, you need to pass a Gateway, and beyond the dam will open unlimited water space. Several routes developed by us, will deliver a lot of positive emotions to customers during their active holidays. The routes allow you to travel around the secluded corners of the river, where you would never have reached by land. Rent a motorboat will allow you to experience the joy of the event and the excitement of the upcoming trip with friends. The river can not leave anyone indifferent to its beauty. Walking is sure to become an unusual fun adventure. The advantages of rest on the water are obvious - an accessible organization, freedom, relaxation for every taste.

Our main goal is to serve the customer qualitatively and fulfill all his wishes. The base of the motorboats we have available will satisfy the most demanding customers. Walk on the boat is considered an elite type of recreation.

Owning such an expensive boat is very expensive, but it is possible to take off a motorboat for several hours practically to everyone. Nobody will prevent you from experiencing all the chic of such a wonderful holiday.

Stands of our small boats are organized in yacht clubs on the right and left bank of Kiev. Passengers are boarded in yacht clubs or in convenient places for the client.

Walking passes along the routes that take into account the lease time and the wishes of the client. It should be borne in mind that water travel is seasonal services that depend on the season and weather conditions.

If the weather is bad overcast, it rains, then no one has a desire to relax on the motorboat, especially since their bulk is not equipped with cabins. But only the sun comes out from behind the clouds, as there is no release from those who want to ride. In each specific case, for the holiday and entertainment on the water, the company "Teplohodik" offers a very specific boat that will suit your trip in all respects.

Over the past twenty years, Ukraine has integrated into the market of modern boats. These universal craft are very popular among the population, especially among fishermen and hunters.

The boat is a small vessel. Its length is on average from five to ten meters. It is equipped with an engine or outboard motor.

We often face a dilemma when choosing a boat. What to choose?

Rent a motor boat in Kiev is necessary in detail, clearly setting the duration of the flight and for what purposes you need it:

  1. Hunting and fishing.
  2. Rest and travel.
  3. Which water body (river, reservoir) will run the route.
  4. Number of passengers, including children.

Speed boats are most often used for recreation. You must determine in advance what you need - a walk along the river for several hours, a trip with an overnight stay in a picturesque place, hunting or fishing.

For hunting we will offer a boat to walk comfortably among the reeds, to find padded birds. The vessel should be with a small draft. These same boats can be used for fishing, because the main purpose of a fisherman is to fish from anywhere on the motorboat.

Fishermen prefer boats with a fully open hull, comfortable with a cabin and Walkaround - "get around". Dimensions affect the draft, which in 10-meter boats is one meter.

Cases are plastic, aluminum and combined of plastic and aluminum. Hunters and fishermen prefer aluminum hulls, and vacationers - plastic hulls. Boat made of plastic have a more attractive exterior and sufficient comfort. Now they are also made of fiberglass.

By their designation boats are cruise. Such a boat is something between the boat and the yacht. They are called more cruisers. They develop a sufficiently high speed, they have a stylish look and a sufficient level of comfort. Cruiser makes long trips along the river.

"A small cruiser" (day cruiser) refers to the universal class. The vessel is "day", as it is designed for flights, preferably one-day. The word "kruiser" means "cruise" - a journey by sea, and "cruiser" is a cruise ship. On it go to the reservoirs, and it is especially comfortable to use it on weekends for recreation with swimming and skiing.

Cruisers "overnighter" and "weekender" - they have a small kitchen and a cabin, as well as a curtain. In the bow cabin necessarily table and sofa, made in the form of a letter U. The equipment of the vessel often depends on the wishes of the owner. Such small cruisers, which belong to the upper class, are necessarily equipped with a galley and a kitchen. Upstairs there is an open galley with a refrigerator for a light snack, so as not to go down. On the upper deck set the sofas and, if necessary, a table. The boat is designed for 10 people.

Who is keen on high-speed travel, then the "Sport Cruiser" is very suitable. Passengers are satisfied with the open cockpit and sofa in a large enough salon. The length of the boat is six to ten meters.

What is the difference between a "motor" and a "power boat"? We traditionally divide them into motor boats and boats, and this division is explained by the type of power plant. The motor boat is associated with a outboard motor, and the boat is always stationary. But this division is approximate. Many boats with stationary engines and boats with a pair of outboard motors on the transom walk along the Dnieper.

A motorboat with a Sport & Luxury hull is provided for towing. The design of the vessel is quite unusual. The nasal front looks aggressive and very fast and looks like a shark's head. A wickerboard and ski locker is definitely installed on the deck.

"Central console" is very good for recreation and entertainment. Its length is about four meters, and the control panel is located in the center.

"Hard top" is a vessel with a semi-enclosed hull. Its size is up to seven meters, and in the bow is equipped with a bunk. The control post, since it is hidden, is not affected by any atmospheric phenomena.

For fishing, open boats are very suitable, which are equipped with gearing places, echo sounders and spinning holders.

When you choose a boat for family recreation, you need to take into account the comfort on the ship, especially the availability of a kitchen, a jacuzzi and cabins.

In connection with the large number of motorboats in Kiev, which we offer for rent, there is a need to understand their classification.

"Runabout" - sports-walking Their purpose is "bowing" and they are widely represented in all countries. They are popular with fans of short flights and are represented by the largest number of repair and settling points (ROP).

Bowrider motorboats have a cockpit on the nose and are operated in warm countries, and the "Cuddy cabin" is built with tiny cabins.

"Hard top" strolls are boats equipped with a cabin. In the bow is a bunk similar to V, and a mini-galley increases the autonomy of the voyage.

"Midcab" (middle cabin) are real Scandinavian vessels. They have a small felling in the stern. They are equipped with bow or stern cockpits.

"Deck boat" - the motorboat is built with a bow cockpit and on the bow with a closed deck, and the passenger capacity is increased.

Sport towers or else they are called "tow boats". The main task of tugboats is the formation of waves of a certain height. Skiers need waves of flat and low, and wake needs others - large and round.

Boats are also high-speed and representative (high performance boats). They stand out among other vessels with engine power, large dimensions and a speed of more than 50 knots. Among them there are often catamarans. High-speed vessels have very simple and modest conditions.

Boats "fishing boats" are used for fishing sports and are represented by different sizes and classes. These boats are structurally distinguished:

  1. "Bass boat" - used to catch American perch (bass). Bassboat necessarily with a low side, with a platform in front and one or two trolling electric motors.
  2. "Center consol" - a boat without a cabin, and the steering console is located in the middle.
  3. "Walkaround" - a cabin motorboat, the cabin of which rises above the deck, and around the cabin there are side passages.

For those who are interested in history, we recall that in the early 19th century in the navy the boats were called all military motorboats (small warships) that were smaller than the corvette.

If you need to know more about the boat rental service in Kiev, then please contact us, Teplohodik.

Passenger navigation on the Dnieper begins in mid-April and lasts until late autumn. In order to choose a vessel, use the site of our company, which presents our entire ship database and the conditions for their lease. Call, specify the information and order the motor boat.

We are waiting for you on board our motor boats!


We work seven days a week


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