Ship Antey

Additionally paid (if necessary):
- 1000 UAH. the delivery of the boat to the hotel on the water Baccarat,
- 2000 UAH. a pledge on the ship in case of calling a third-party restaurant (or boarding with his meals), which is returned at the end of the voyage, provided that the boat is not damaged.
Our company offers an excellent level of service and democratic prices for the ship "Antey". Guests of the capital and the people of Kiev love and appreciate walks along the Dnieper on the boat.
"Antey" is designed for a small company of up to 25 people and is equipped in accordance with safety and comfort requirements. On the ship you can organize any event. It can be a prom, a wedding banquet or a sightseeing tour for 10-20 people on the river.
It is also convenient to organize a picnic on the island. Our company will help organize a walk along the Dnieper on the ship "Antey" on an unforgettable route, and also prepare a banquet or a buffet table.
The galley has first-class storage facilities (refrigerators and freezers), a hotplate and a brazier. The banquet can be arranged for 10-15 people in the passenger compartment on the first deck, and on the second deck in the fresh air there is an opportunity to set the table for 25 people.
On board, all the conditions for a wonderful holiday, including video and audio equipment. There is air conditioning in the salon. Rent of the ship "Antey" guarantees an excellent rest on the Dnieper. During the voyage, the beauties of Kiev, especially the historical center of the city with the Lavra on green hills, the monument of Magdeburg Law, the St. Andrew's Church and other temples of Podil, are clearly visible from the side of the ship. Passengers can board a ship on the quay "Trukhanov" or "Metro Dnepr".
Walking on the boat is an opportunity to combine a banquet with a mini cruise along the Dnieper River and create an atmosphere of joy and well-being for oneself and guests. The received positive emotions during the trip will not equal with any received in the most luxurious restaurant.
Ship Antey photo
  • Ship rent price
    • On weekdays
    • Price per hour: 2500 uah
    • Rental for an hour without traffic: 1250 uah
    • On Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    • Price per hour: 2500 uah
    • Rental for an hour without traffic: 1250 uah
  • Purpose
  • Pleasure cruises
  • Sightseeing cruises
  • Transfers to the parking lot and green island
  • Activity
  • Corporate
  • Birthday
  • Wedding
  • Business meetings
  • Trip on the river
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • The minimum length of the lease
  • On weekdays: 3 h
  • On Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 4 h
  • Technical characteristics
  • Length: 27 m
  • Width: 4.45 m
  • Sinking: 0.85 m
  • Speed: 20 km / h
  • Voltage is 220V
  • Facilities
  • The air conditioning system
  • Toilet
  • Plasma TV
  • Music center
  • The distribution of passengers
  • The total passenger capacity: 25 guests
  • 20 seats in the passenger cabin
  • Catering service
  • 20 banquet seats
  • 25 stand-up seats
  • The equipment in the cook room
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave oven
  • Grill and rotisserie
  • Cauldron for soup
  • Electric range
  • Running hot water
  • Running cold water
  • Additional services
  • Rent cook room
  • Individual menu
  • Festive decoration
  • Organization of the green parking
  • Free berth
  • Land on any green park along the route
  • Departure for o.Veliky for equipped playground
  • High speed ​​boat
  • Water-skis

Rent of the ship Antey in Kiev from the ship-owner without commission and intermediaries

We work seven days a week




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