Ship Diana

Additional services - delivery of the vessel to the berths:
- 600 UAH. - berth at the Ribalsky bridge (Verhniy Val, 72)
- 800 UAH. - berth of the station M.Dnepr
- 1000 UAH. - berth on Rusanivsky naberezhniy (on the contrary to the deli "Slavutich")
"Diana" is a small and comfortable passenger ship with a single-deck superstructure for 20 people. Its purpose is to transport passengers along the Dnieper and Desna rivers. Rent a motor ship "Diana" is very convenient for a walk or sightseeing tour "Panorama of Kiev", as well as for a birthday and even a chamber wedding. The vessel is cozy, comfortable and often used as a transport shuttle to green parking.
At the helm of the ship experienced captain Mikhail Yurievich is a true professional with a huge experience of working on the river, which will help to lay an interesting walking route.
The ship has a stern covered area, where 20 guests and a passenger salon for 15 persons are very conveniently accommodated. The kitchen (galley) will be at the disposal of passengers. Equipment in the galley will allow you or the catering staff to warm up already prepared meals, and products that require cooling, put in the refrigerator.
The company "Teplohodik" and the captain will help to organize an excellent holiday, both on board and on the island of Veliky, where you yourself, or with the help of an invited catering, cook ear, shish kebabs or prepare a real cocktail reception.
For the event on the island in the presence of furniture (table and benches), and in the course you have the opportunity to use the music center, TV, karaoke. In the cold period of the year, it is comfortable here - heating in the cabin is carried out by a UFO heater.
Rent a boat will give you a feeling of joy and freedom, and parking by the shore will allow passengers to fully enjoy the nature of the island, relax, participating in various sports games.
Ship Diana photo
  • Ship rent price
    • On weekdays
    • Price per hour: 1400 uah
    • Rental for an hour without traffic: 700 uah
    • On Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    • Price per hour: 1400 uah
    • Rental for an hour without traffic: 700 uah
  • Purpose
  • Pleasure cruises
  • Passenger transportation
  • Sightseeing cruises
  • Transfers to the parking lot and green island
  • Activity
  • Corporate
  • Birthday
  • Business meetings
  • Trip on the river
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • The minimum length of the lease
  • On weekdays: 2 h
  • On Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 3 h
  • Technical characteristics
  • Length: 17.3 m
  • Width: 3.7 m
  • Sinking: 0.84 m
  • Speed: 18 km / h
  • Voltage is 220V
  • Facilities
  • Toilet
  • The distribution of passengers
  • The total passenger capacity: 20 guests
  • 15 seats in the passenger cabin
  • Catering service
  • 20 banquet seats
  • 20 stand-up seats
  • The equipment in the cook room
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave oven
  • Grill and rotisserie
  • Cauldron for soup
  • Electric range
  • Running cold water
  • Additional services
  • Rent cook room
  • Festive decoration
  • Organization of the green parking
  • Free berth
  • Able to apply to any vessel berth
  • Land on any green park along the route

Rent of the ship Diana in Kiev from the ship-owner without commission and intermediaries

We work seven days a week


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