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The largest vessel came to Vladivostok


On September 9, a truly historic event took place in Vladivostok - the cruise ship Spectrum of the Seas entered the port. The ship was built in Papenburg in Germany. He was launched into the water in April last year. Then it went on its first voyage from Barcelona to Dubai. A real five-star hotel on the water, where 2137 cabins and unlimited entertainment are at the guests' disposal. Belongs to the international company Royal Caribbean.

The ship can accommodate up to 5 thousand passengers. Its length is 347 m, its width is 41 m, its displacement reaches almost 168.9 thousand tons. Photos cannot convey its colossal dimensions. This ship has the dimensions of a 100-storey building, which was put on the water. This is the impression he makes!

On board the liner are a race track, aerotube, amphitheater, virtual reality attractions and other entertainments.

To take the ship, special dredging operations were carried out in the port of Vladivostok for several months. Even the largest Russian passenger port, Morskoy Fasad in St. Petersburg, due to the parameters of the approach channel, has a restriction on the reception of ships of this type.

He will dock at the Marine Station at three in the morning. On board - five thousand citizens of the United States and China. Passengers of the vessel will walk around the city, see the main attractions, ride the Trans-Siberian Railway, and visit museums. By the way, in Primorye, 200 Russians will board aboard, who will begin their long voyage to the shores of Japan precisely in Vladivostok.

Exactly at 21:00 in the evening, the marine giant will leave the coastal water area and head for the Japanese coasts in Maizura and Fukuoka. The cruise route for travelers will end in Shanghai on September 14th.

The shortest cruise on the ship lasts four days.

In the winter of 2019, the ship will be moved to Hong Kong for special holiday itineraries.


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