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For a long time river tourism and riding on pleasure boats were the lot of wealthy people. For the better, the situation has changed with the advent of the Penichets - houseboats, which are actually both boats and yachts at the same time. The embodiment of the idea of ​​the floating house has made fascinating river tourism accessible to everyone.

The evolution of floating cottages (houseboats) began with the company Locaboat Plaisance, whose specialists developed the concept of a boat suitable for a long stay - a floating house.

The first boat Penichette 960 was launched in 1978: the name of the brand of floating cottages is a diminutive form of the French word peniche, which can be translated as "residential barge." Thus, officially only a floating cottage on water produced by Locaboat Plaisance can be named Penichet.

Penichet is a small motorized riverboat. This is a slow-moving motor yacht, designed specifically for family trips along canals and rivers in comfortable conditions. Its speed does not exceed 15 km / h, and engine power is 35 - 50 hp. (depending on model). The direct destination is river tourism.

Over the years, the French houseboats have significantly changed, the designers have relied on ergonomics and technical equipment. A summer cottage, depending on passenger capacity, can have a length of 9.3 to 18 meters. It may seem that the cabin of the houseboat is too small to comfortably accommodate the number of passengers indicated by the manufacturer. In fact, the floating cottage is spacious, and the convenience of living is not inferior to a real house.

The floating cottage is excellent in water, equipped with an economical diesel engine, capable of speeds up to 10-15 kilometers per hour. The capacious tank of the floating house provides continuous movement for three days. Floating management is carried out from the captain’s cabin or from the upper deck. The low speed and ease of management allow each owner of a boat license to feel like a real captain, and additional personnel are not required to service the floating cottage.

The design of these vessels provides all the amenities and the possibility of overnight, so during the long journey you will not have to worry about living.

The floating vessel is equipped with a special tank for drinking water and heaters, thanks to which the crew of the floating cottages on the water can take a shower. Heated passenger cabins have comfortable beds and all the necessary furniture for a comfortable stay, passengers can use outlets. Finally, the floating cottage is equipped with a full kitchen with a capacious refrigerator and a gas stove.

There is plenty of room on deck for sailing, sunbathing and fishing. In addition, there is a special parking for bicycles, thanks to which a measured trip can be supplemented with elements of outdoor activities.

Swimming is an affordable and interesting approach to family vacations. A leisurely river walk, cycling, excursions to historical places, fascinating fishing and natural beauty - all this will remain for you a long memory.



We work seven days a week