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UnCruise Adventures


UnCruise Adventures offers its tourists small recreational boats to visit inaccessible wilderness on the coast of North and South America. Such cruises are not available for large vessels and therefore it is necessary to rent a boat with a small draft on this tourist line.

The concept of "UnCruise Adventures" developed in 1996, when she became a pioneer in the organization of active cruises on ships in Alaska. The company operates as a result of the merger of American Safari Cruises (founded in 1997) and InnerSea Discoveries (founded in 2011), which were the first to organize expeditionary and adventure cruises

The company's fleet consists of yachts and small vessels. Ships visit the ports of the Hawaiian and Galapagos Islands, British Columbia, the Mexican Sea of ​​Cortez, Costa Rica, Panama, Alaska and other interesting places.

UnCruise Adventures specializes in three types of cruises: active, comfortable and historical. They are held on small boats with a capacity of twenty-two to eighty-eight guests. The company during the flight tries to show passengers the nature of the islands, especially the wild and untouched civilization. Tourists explore picturesque and inaccessible places on the west coast of North and South America. They admire the world of flora and fauna and relax on pristine beaches.

Active cruises are carried out on ships previously owned by InnerSea Discoveries: Wilderness Discoverer, Wilderness Adventurer and Wilderness Explorer. They are resting on a younger contingent of tourists. The motto of these vessels is "Do not bring a tuxedo with you, but take a rubber raincoat and rubber boots."

On the motor ships Safari Endeavor, Safari Explorer and Safari Quest, an older public makes voyages. Cruises are carried out according to more comfortable and quiet programs such as "Lux".

The SS Legacy cruiser was acquired in the summer of 2013 and carries out historical cruises. Flights are designed for different age groups and the price includes an excursion program, meals and alcoholic beverages.

The company has nine motor ships that operate on flexible routes. Making its route, the ship stops in the wild, where passengers make walks, kayak, go scuba diving, and make excursions on the Scythians. However, guests also enjoy the more traditional meaning of a cruise with gourmet cuisine, fine wines and special entertainment, a jacuzzi and other amenities.

Cruise ships (three stars) are very popular with tourists from the United States and Western Europe. Ukrainian service is missing. Sales in Ukraine are not conducted. The company is of interest to experienced travelers who are fluent in English.


We work seven days a week