Ship Roman Shukhevich

The dream of all the guests of the capital is to ride a pleasure boat, contemplate the sights of Kiev and listen to the guide. Having hired the "Roman Shukhevych" motor ship, you will be able to take such a walk along the Dnieper River, as well as celebrate a festive event: anniversary, wedding, corporate party or graduation party.
The closed and open decks on the "Roman Shukhevych" allow you to successfully conduct birthdays, seminars and presentations. The duration of walks along the Dnieper depends on the wishes of the customer, but not less than two hours on weekdays and four hours necessarily on holidays, weekends and on Friday. When ordering a ship, you should decide not only on the date and duration of the trip, but also on the number of invited guests and the route. In the case of an entertainment program, we recommend professional presenters, DJs, musicians. We are ready to decorate the deck, depending on the chosen format of the event.
"Roman Shukhevych" makes both day and evening flights, which differ only in routes and duration. For embarking and disembarking passengers are used free berths located near the subway.
If you rent a boat for an ordinary walk with a review of Obolon, Podol and the bridges of the capital, it will take at least two hours. In the case of organizing a festive event with a banquet, the duration of the flight will be at least four hours.
On the boat there is a galley room, which can be rented and organize meals on board independently. If necessary, meals will be provided by our banquet service (catering), which will offer a menu of European and Ukrainian cuisine.
Decks "Roman Shukhevych" are convenient platforms for conducting musical programs. Organizing a banquet on the water has several advantages compared to a restaurant or cafe. Those invited are almost always in the fresh air, and at the same time no one else can disturb them, since the vessel is far from the shore.
To ride a boat and learn more about it, leave a request on our website or call us back.
Ship Roman Shukhevich photo
  • Ship rent price
    • On weekdays
    • Price per hour: 2800 uah
    • Rental for an hour without traffic: 2000 uah
    • On Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    • Price per hour: 2800 uah
    • Rental for an hour without traffic: 2000 uah
  • Purpose
  • Pleasure cruises
  • Passenger transportation
  • Sightseeing cruises
  • Transfers to the parking lot and green island
  • Activity
  • Corporate
  • Birthday
  • Wedding
  • Prom
  • Business meetings
  • Presentation
  • Conference
  • Camping
  • The minimum length of the lease
  • On weekdays: 2 h
  • On Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 4 h
  • Technical characteristics
  • Length: 34.6 m
  • Width: 6.5 m
  • Sinking: 1.17 m
  • Speed: 18 km / h
  • Voltage is 220V
  • Facilities
  • The air conditioning system
  • Toilet
  • Bar in the passenger compartment
  • The distribution of passengers
  • The total passenger capacity: 120 guests
  • 60 seats in the passenger cabin
  • Catering service
  • 60 banquet seats
  • 120 stand-up seats
  • Ordering party catering 2000 uah
  • The equipment in the cook room
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave oven
  • Electric range
  • Running cold water
  • Showcase refrigerator
  • Additional services
  • Rent cook room
  • Individual menu
  • Organization of the green parking
  • Departure for o.Veliky for equipped playground
  • Rental of sound - lighting equipment

Rent of the ship Roman Shukhevich in Kiev from the ship-owner without commission and intermediaries

We work seven days a week


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